Why is it important for you to have a personal domain?

Long gone are the days when domains were reserved for business or advanced users only. Even though domain prices are rising slightly from year to year, they are actually very affordable and one of the best investments you can make in this digital age. Today, you can afford a large number of different domains, and the most valuable one you can have is www.namesurname.tld, so if you ever decide to create personal websites in the future, you have the most important, you have the foundation, you have your personal domain.

Who’s faster the domain is his

The realization that you have something that no one else in the world but you can have at that moment comes at a small price of $ 10 a year, or even for free, as much as your domain rent. There can only be one .com, .net domain with a specific personal name in the world. Once you rent it, your namesake can only wait for you to stop paying for your domain lease or look for another combination.

The rarer the first and last name combination is, the more likely you are to be able to lease such a domain combination in the future. However, if you have a combination that is very common then it goes by ‘Who’s faster the domain is his’ first. Just as a check, type your first and last name in a Facebook search engine and see how many people exist with that combination and who can lease the domain before you. Be the first.

Once someone leases a domain with your first and last name combination, you can either make a monetary offer that the domain owner will not be able to refuse or wait for several years for the domain to expire. You can prevent all this by leasing your personal domain today.

Social networks – they are here today, tomorrow they don’t know?

Although sites such as about.me, brandyourself.com, blogger.com are not meaningful, it is not convenient to base your online presence solely on social networks, no matter how popular they may be at some point, you open the door for disaster if some of them simply shut down or change over time. terms of use in a way that is in no way convenient for you. Also, by using such services and social networks you are limited by their design and the logic of content presentation, while on your personal web pages you can make the presentation of content a unique experience.

A little financial and a big investment in the future

Costing $ 10 a year to rent a domain name is not something you need to think about if you are in doubt about renting a personal domain or not. If you ever need a domain in the future you have one and you have not lost much. It’s cheap to lease a domain, but it can be quite expensive to stay without the same. There are several ways to stay out of domain – whether someone else registers your preferred domain before you, or you forget to pay for a domain renewal,…

Online presence is important

Every time someone “Google” your domain will be among the first search results. When you put personal websites with interesting content on your domain, you have the opportunity to influence the first impression someone will get about you. However, you have more control over this than if all your content is on various social networks. A personal domain becomes your virtual CV.

A few years ago, you never dreamed that you would use your first and last name instead of pseudonyms on social networks and the internet in general. Today, this is quite normal for most of you.

You are known for what you know

If you decide to lease your personal domain, chances are that you will lease and host and create your own personal blog sites. When you have that, it goes without saying that you will write about what you are interested in and what you know about. Over time, this leads to recognition and can lead to great business opportunities.

WOW effect

Even though domains are more accessible than ever, you will still be less likely to get in touch with someone who will send you a link to your personal web site instead of a link to one of your social networks or someone who will contact you via email@namesurname.com instead something@gmail.com. Use it while it’s still time.

But I’m not interested in anything…

Even if you are not interested in any of the above, you do not want to think about personal websites or write a blog, online presence means absolutely nothing to you, you are satisfied with your @gmail address, etc., my recommendation is to still rent your personal one domain because you never know what the future holds and when you may need it.

As I wrote earlier – a domain lease comes at a relatively low cost, and the potential benefit can in many ways be worth the investment.

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