What is programming and why is it important to us


The best start for this blog post is to quote the big Steve Jobs. His quote on programming reads: “I think everyone in this country should learn to program because programming teaches you how to think.”

Most people in the programming world enter love from technology and computers. I first encountered programming in the eighth grade of primary school, but then it was nothing serious and the only thing left was the popular “Hello, World!”. Since then, I’m fascinated by the fact that you can manage your computer. What programming, in essence, is, writing commands that are afterward translated, and the computer executes what you have written.

Today, I am dealing with programming much more active and the main preoccupation is my business application creation, and at the time of writing this post, I have many applications written so far. What I’ve learned through programming is to look at the world differently and the problems around you. Programming teaches you that every problem and task as large as ever can be explained in smaller and easier tasks that you gradually solve.

I am convinced that everyone should learn to program, not necessarily to deal with it, but simply try and see what this is about. Programming and technology is all around us. Look around you and you will realize that 80% of things around you need software that will manage the hardware we use. It’s up to you to decide whether you will be a regular end user or someone who understands or at least knows how things are done in the world of technology.

One more important thing that programming teaches you is precision and discipline. After you finish what you have planned with your code, the program will work or it will not … it’s simple, the third is missing. The program (Application anyway …), of course, will always have some bug that’s up to you to solve it so your final product works better and not take too many resources in the case of mobile applications or spend too much battery.

When there are initial problems with the code you previously wrote, you will be able to search for your colleagues’ code, but in any case, the best option is to easily search forums or documentation from the platform for which you are developing your applications. The process of hunting and reading the documentation and asking for the right answer involves you in the learning process how to help yourself and how to ask the right questions.

Programming is specific and in that, you can apply everything you learn at the same time, and the only limitation is just your imagination and knowledge. To start programming, you do not need many things, the most important thing is that you have the will and patience. In the beginning, some things are confusing, but as your program programmatically, things come in their way.

The greatest and greatest advantage of programming over other occupations is availability, under which I feel that 90% of things are free and available to you at the same time. Development tools, documentation, books, a large number of tutorials whether in the form of text or video lectures … everything is available in just a few clicks. The process of learning and exercising programming for me is the best time I spent on learning.

Whatever programming language you choose to start learning, the first thing you will learn and develop is the problem-solving skill. Writing code, debugging and writing code optimization are elementary steps in solving specific tasks or creating a final product.

If you have not had touchpoints with programming so far, I hope that my blog post will motivate you to go, and if so, then I hope that you will have the desire to train you even more. Learning the syntax of the programming language is not a problem, but to master one programming language, it takes a lot of learning, exercising and training. It is important that it does not give up and go ahead with the adoption of new techniques of programming methods.


For me, programming is very important in reading and writing skills that the computer performs for you, it teaches you to think differently and that you can approach any life problem, however big it is, with a dose of optimism, because it teaches you to break the big problem into several smaller ones and gradually come to solutions. By gaining and improving the skills of solving problems, you also acquire knowledge that is highly valued in the labor market around the world, including ours. My opinion is that you understand the programming better and experience the world around you and watch it with completely different eyes!

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