What Is Important For Your Computer Security? Computer Security for Noobs

Each of us is marked first by what he has and works on his own computer and then by what he does on the Internet – so it is very important that we have control over the documents, information and everything else that concerns ourselves. Just as you would not want someone unfamiliar to research your wallet or purse, so I do not believe you would want someone unfamiliar to you to study intimate, business or documents of any kind.

Protecting your computer is a basic thing, and everything starts from an operating system that has to be updated with the latest patches. From the moment you install and set up your operating system, make sure that your documents are neatly distributed and that you know at all times where it is located – it will greatly facilitate your maintenance. To keep the complete structure intact from external intrusions, you need to use an antivirus program and a firewall – the offer of free solutions is quite large and you will have no problems finding the right software. As safe as it may seem, it would be advisable to back up your important documents – a DVD, other HDD, or online backup. Last but not least, make sure you are downloading from the Internet or other media, as all security software will not help you if you allow a suspicious program to download or install with a few clicks. Your computer is your responsibility.

The computer is protected, now we come to the Internet which offers some other traps. In order to be noticed on the Internet, we need to profile. Be careful with the disclosure of personal information, it is advisable that you know where and what you write. Most web sites do not allow the deletion of text messages afterward, and you need to be aware of this before you write something that can make you regret it in the future. Over time, you will come in contact with other Internet users, also be careful because they do not have all the good intentions, you do not have to tell everyone. Start by giving yourself enough information about yourself to learn, learn, find,… and later, communication can become more relaxed.

Lastly – obey the rules in both worlds – offline and online. You do not need illegal things on your personal computer, nor do you need to spread or suffer hatred, intolerance or violence of any kind on the Internet. Take care of yourself.

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