What do you need to know before creating your first application?

New to the world of android programming? Maybe you just want to start your career in the world of Android mobile phone making? These are the things you need to know to become a true Android developer.

1. Learn Java Programming. There is no detour. Of course, it is not necessary to become an expert in Java programming language, but knowing the basics is necessary, since building Android applications comes down to knowing two programming languages – Java and Android.

2. Creating Android applications requires knowledge of XML – a special language used to design the applications themselves, which is easy and fast to learn. Also, you need to adopt Android concepts and know how to use them with Java programming.

3. To keep your Android application running smoothly, it’s a good idea to master development environments like Android Studio or Eclipse. Both environments are free and everything is one you choose. However, you need to feel comfortable using them, as these applications will make you an application in these development environments.

4. Arm yourself with patience and a will to learn. The path to making the first application is not sprinkled with rose petals. It will take you a lot of time, there will be a lot of mistakes, but you will learn something new from each one and get better and better. In any case, be aware that there is no overnight result.

5. Problems are waiting for you around the corner. This rule applies whether you are a beginner or an experienced Android developer. You can always find a solution. Throw in your googling and site search for Stack Overflow developers.

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