What do You Need to do to Make Your Business Fail on The Web?

So far, I’ve written about how you can improve your reputation on the web or on social networks. You may have read in previous blog posts what it is important to have a reputation as a professional web user. This blog post is completely different and talks about how you can destroy your reputation on the web with some of your mistakes that you can consciously or unknowingly make. If you want to read something about this topic keep reading this blog post of mine.

Below you can read how to create in a few steps the prerequisite for successful destruction of online reputation from users that you will lie, ignore, humiliate,…

Be open to all kinds of attacks! This is the first step in sending a message that you do not care about your online reputation and want to see who and what to do with it. Don’t even think about opening a profile on all the major social networks to protect your business name, brand name,…, but simply let the time do its thing. Why waste your time if someone else does it for you !? That’s right – just relaxed and free from anxiety.

Don’t listen, don’t read, or use expert advice! True, it has been written through several expert articles about what ORM is, how and where it is used, etc., but there is no need to read it and learn from it. There is no point in wasting your time studying other people’s case studies. Who knows what people are behind these texts and maybe just waiting for you to read it so they will turn out smarter, don’t give them that pleasure. After all, users you don’t interact with will make your online reputation smaller than a grain of sand.

Do exactly what you know to bother your users! Let’s say you have a database of email addresses of postal addresses, the contact phone of all your users, and why not use it !? Although you have no idea what your customers want because you do not communicate with them, send them brochures and price lists so that they are aware of the offer at all times. But why stop there !? Call them several times a week and offer ready-to-slaughter Simmental cows completely ignoring the fact that they are vegetarians. 😀  After all, you are the business owner and can work with customer information about what you want and when you want. Repeat the process until you realize they have checked out the phone number.

Ignore absolutely all users! You understand that the actions in the previous step really annoy your users and now is the right time to ignore them and pretend you have nothing to do with it. It is not your fault because they have left contact information and what happens on every call. Best not to worry about what users write and say on forums, blogs, social networks,… They need to understand that they are talking to the wall because of what they think they are when they expect a response or reaction. It doesn’t matter that you sent kindergarten inventory to a shoe store instead of a child-friendly inventory. Ignore everything.

Lie and delay! You know for yourself that everything you read on the WWW may not be true. Then why would you write the truth !? If you are already online at some point and you see that the user is complaining, write down what should arrive in a maximum of three to four weeks and you can be sure that the user will be calm during that time. Repeat the process whenever you can, have time, whenever you see one of the users complaining, etc. Doing so will delay the negative content and in the meantime get you a new user. Then that’s the real deal.

Destroy User Life! Just imagine, they dare to write negative content again after three to four weeks, complain, say you are negligent, .. well it can’t. Give them back the same measure! Don’t let your business owner’s position be questioned, show who’s in charge, and trample them all. Information such as your business address or complete contact information has nothing to do on the company website. You want your peace of mind and of course, you will not release such information to everyone. If there is already a contact phone, please call 010 and set up an answering machine because there is no point in hearing complaints day by day. Do not let the user feel the pleasure of reaching the responsible person.

Show who’s in charge, show it publicly! High data flow can very easily lead to misunderstanding or error. Who cares!? The user may have misunderstood the advertising message, ordered the service or product, and remained unpleasantly surprised and wrote his or her opinion on his or her own blog or social network. Do not try to settle the matter offline for general satisfaction, but publicly call that person and tell him or her he is lying, because that is the moment when you have to let go of your frustration so that your health does not deteriorate. Without hesitation, tell everyone that a user is a stupid person who, without the operating instructions, cannot assemble a laboratory to study axial loads.

Quarrel, quarrel extends life! It doesn’t matter if you are right, but it is important that you know and want to argue. Nothing is more important than proving that the user is wrong and therefore you have to fight until the very user in the depth of his soul realizes that he is wrong all the time and apologizes for the inconvenience. Do your best to make the argument fierce, let everyone see how it works. It is not enough that you told everyone that a user is a stupid person, but you have to convince the user himself.

Set up an inexperienced person to interact with customers! Let that person handle the way he knows and can. There is no point in investing in the education of professional staff or wasting time looking for a specialist in any field. You have been so considerate of users that you have appointed a person to interact with, so they do not expect that person to be an expert !? Now you know how ungrateful users are, and you have one last, but least important, step.

Keep creating negative content again and again! You put so much effort into self-destructing your online reputation and are proud to see so much negative content. All those lies and ignoring was not in vain, because now people who have no direct connection to your business write about how you (do not) interact with customers. Witness a number of blog posts in which you serve as just one example of what should never be done, even then. Let others speak for you.

If you do all of the above I wrote you can be sure that your reputation will become so negative in a very short period of time that you may have to close your shop or even change your name: D

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