Unusual IT jobs in demand today

Unusual IT jobs

You are a great programmer and have been working for IT for years, but you have decided to perfect your knowledge and try something new. There are a lot of jobs in your branch that is “flirty” in the world and we know only a little about them, especially outside the professional circles.

We briefly present IT jobs that are well-sought and well paid in the world, and for which our developers will almost no longer need further training to embark on a new challenge and bigger profits.

Political analyst

At first glance, this business does not have much to do with the IT world, but actually combines two inexhaustible sources of interest – politics and professional use of computers. Programmers often like to work under the radar, and here they will have the opportunity to do so as political analysts through IT jobs are not part of the official system. Programming skills, programs and “shortcuts” you are accustomed to can help your team analyze their previous steps and plan their future activities. It may not sound too interesting, but it opens the door to a brand new world and offers high pay in developed countries ranging from 63,000 to even 122,000 dollars a year.

Computer forensics

For an ordinary observer, you press a few buttons on the computer and find a killer, as shown in television series. For the forensic IT specialist computer forensics is much more. As a developer, you will have the opportunity to develop special tools that will help you in a quick and fundamental analysis of physical evidence, as well as those in the virtual world. All other computer research is challenging for itself, and it may take months. With your programs and tools, you will have the opportunity to return “deleted” data, encrypt protected files, or to analyze areas in databases that others thought were invisible. Of course, apart from exposing others, your job is to keep your system from being invaded. All this can give you annual earnings of $ 44,000 to $ 126,000.

Military IT Analyst

Voice analysts have always had a job and were well paid to “keep the war in the small fingers”. As technology advances, their work has been refined and reached the level when it is necessary to know the IT world rather than how the rifle functions. The developers are here on stage. The war can also be run for tactical reasons, and military IT analysts must create software and hardware that will provide the military network and database so that they do not fall into the wrong hands. However, you will often have to attack or create a “weapon” for the invasion of someone else’s “territory” in the virtual world. This job is also hidden from the public eye, and in developed countries, it has an annual income of $ 74,000 to $ 117,000.

White hacker

Hackers have a voice that only breaks into other systems and are doing illegal business. However, developers and system administrators use their skills more to protect against intrusion. Your job is to detect system vulnerabilities and make “patches” and thus prevent malicious hackers from stealing data and money. You will also see hidden data on these occasions, but you will not abuse them already to look at them to keep them in the best way. That’s why they will call you “white hats” and you will be worthy of the “black co-workers”. You may not be making money as they are, but your $ 41,000 to $ 114,000 a year will be clean.

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