Social Networks and Profile Picture for a Good First Impression

In this blog post, I will write about user images on social networks. People can learn a lot about you just from your Facebook profile. Many people, knowing this, will pay a lot of attention to the activities on this social network and the way they present themselves. This does not mean that you have to delete all the pictures you are drunk about halfway through, but that you have to deal with your privacy settings and specifically determine who may or may not see certain pictures.

Your profile picture is the most important one here. This is the first thing anyone will see when they go looking for you on Facebook, not to mention that the same image appears in every comment you leave, every application you use, chat,… etc.

Whatever image you choose, it is important to know what you want to achieve with it and what you present it.

No matter how well you maintain your own profiles on social networks and how hard you try and always provide the information you need, it is extremely important to have a quality profile picture because it is your first contact with the ‘outside world‘. Someone will get the first impression of you exactly through a profile picture. You may think that these are nonsense and too much attention is paid to the little things, but think about it and remember what you look at first when you reach someone’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google, … profiles.

Image quality – It may seem obvious, but it often happens that you encounter profile pictures that are too dark, too bright, blurry, gray, etc., leaving no positive first impression. If the picture is bad at first, there is no such piece of software that will make a fair profile picture of it.

Consistency – Once your online friends get used to your profile picture, they will always look for it first in their search for content. The picture will tell them when they arrived at their destination, instead of reading the accompanying content that also contained information about you, but in such a way that it would take more time (name, date and year of birth, and any information specific to you only and sets you apart from others in your online friends group). Once you are happy with the profile picture, stick to it for a long time.

Format and Dimensions – It’s not enough to create a single profile picture and post it to all social networks. Why? – Because every social network has its own rules regarding the recommended dimensions and formats. It can be easy to upload the same picture in sequence to all the profiles you have, and each social network automatically adjusts the same image to its rules, which in the end does not have to look pretty, giving control to the software instead of taking it into your own hands. In this step, use Photoshop and customize the image to each of your social networks.

Special Effects – Once you have a great quality picture in front of you that is not much different from the previous pictures in terms of the angle of painting, dimensions, etc. you can deal with special effects. Here you can use Photoshop again which will give you the best results in the shortest time. You can insert a frame, make the image look modern, old or whatever you want, and fit it with what you want to present.

There are several basic types of images that Facebook users use on their profiles:

Beautiful – this type of painting is characterized by painting at home in favorite poses, most often a close-up. There is a great possibility that you will be shot 50 to 100 times until you choose the picture where you are the best shot.

Cropped – This type of picture is more social in nature and is most often used to paint women who want to look their best in the group and of course take center stage in the picture.

Funny-drunk – this type of picture screams FACEBOOK! There is society, music, and alcohol, so photo session actors don’t want to blame Facebook friends for part of the fun, because – they have to prove that they are having more fun than any friend, colleague, neighbor,… and yet look cool, cheerful, funny and again cool.

Artistic – you are alone on the beach, playing the guitar for your soul because behold miracles, you like to play the guitar for yourself while sitting alone on the beach. With no sense in your jacket, you drop your camera or cellphone and start painting you in the best poses so you can clearly see what and where you are playing.

Look at me – this type of picture allows a profile user to show their latest or best achievements, such as winning an award at a competition, winning the Himalayan summit, painting with a favorite singer, actor or local sandwich vendor.

Couples in love – once you are in the relationship it is only important and all aspects of life must be imbued with love. Your identity is now also his / her identity. Isn’t it sweet to see a man holding a partner and a bear in his lap !? Hahaha.

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