Protect Your Children from Game Blue Whale

The Internet is undoubtedly good and has brought us many good things and promotions in every sense of the word. However, some things have emerged as negative about the Internet and social networks. One such is a game known as “Blue Whale,” which, according to the journalist, killed more than 100 children. Concerns about the game caused an article published in the newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” which without justification claimed that the “vast majority” of about 130 suicides of minors in Russia are connected with the phenomenon of “Blue Whale”. With this post, I want to demystify the story a bit and give a look at some of the things related to online security.

What is “Blue Whale”?

Journalists call this game a nasty game on the Internet that has succumbed to hundreds of children and usually writes that there is no return when someone starts playing it, after each task, things are getting tougher and all the progress in the game is documented. When playing a game, children within 50 days get various tasks such as watching horror movies, then self-tacking by putting a whale on their hands, and it all ends with the game’s suicide administrator’s call.

How to install the game?

The game was made by 21 one-year programmer Filipp Budeykin, who is suffering from a bipolar personality disorder and who was arrested in Russia. In the beginning, this game was available in the Google app store as well as on the Apple app store and users could install it like any other app (here I am reminding you that today you can find a game under the same name that has nothing to do with the right game). After some time, the event that followed the game was taken off from both places and now it is impossible to install it legally. Of course, there is still a possibility to get to this game, but much more difficult.

Is this just a game?

The answer to this question is NO. It’s about making this a lot more than a game. This is a phenomenon for which the public is directly responsible for spreading the big picture about this, and on most of the media, it was talked about it. Consequently, the drastic popularity of the game in public and the parent’s anxieties of this phenomenon increased. Although the game was quickly removed from all legal app stores, it remained live as a phenomenon on social networks. There is a popular hashtag #The Blue Whale as well as several thousands of variants pointing to the same game, which is very dangerous.

How does all this work?

Since the game is no longer available, it has completely switched to social networks. The first thing to do is to say from your profile that you want to play the game where you get feedback “Are you sure? There is no return, “from the so-called game manager. This no return means that you can not leave the game once you start. If you want to go out, you will be threatened and told, “I have all the information about you. They will come to you. ” Since the players are mostly teenagers aged 11-16, they are very easy to manipulate and generally do not have good communication with their parents so they are afraid to interrupt the game as it would be bad for them or their family, which in this case is used as big trump coercion over adolescents. What is still very dangerous here is that YouTube is used for executing tasks until tasks can be reached even when you are not online via SMS. Tasks are different and most children should get up at 4:20 at night and perform the tasks they are getting. Everything starts with less demanding tasks such as watching horror films, walking in dangerous places, different types of self-inflicting and drawing around the body with sharp objects to suicide in various ways at the end of the game.

What can we do?

What ultimately needs to be said especially for parents is that they should not panic. One of the important things not mentioned in the media is that most children who play this game are in such a mental state that they are receptive to something like this. These are mostly children who have problems in school, with parents, health problems and which are inherently suicidal. It’s very difficult to make a normal child play this kind of game if there is no predisposition for it. The principle is that this game can only be played by one who gets a certain link on an email or social network. By clicking on this link they would start a game dangerous for life. They got the tasks they need to fulfill, and each was more dangerous than the other. Some of the tasks were so dangerous and the young were instructed on suicide. What is recommended for parents is to talk to their children and to monitor their online presence on social networks. Also, it is possible to turn on the Parental control option on the devices where you can control the device from which your child accesses the Internet. One more thing you can do is to periodically control what applications your child has installed on your device. It’s very difficult to directly monitor your child’s social networking profiles, but the so-called “Social Media Trackers” provides the ability to protect social network interactions with addresses that contain words or phrases that may indicate an inappropriate conversation or a post that can be used. Also, if the parents notice that the child has become weird, that he is constantly unsettled and stressed, and that even if he is drawn on the hands of a certain form, he or she should consult an expert who is dealing with this problem urgently and knows what it is about.

In the end, I want to point out that the game is under the same name on the Google Play Store as well as at the Apple App Store, but for now no one has been able to find a link to a real game under the same name. “The basic difference is, first of all, that you cannot find this dangerous game on Google Play, this is a notoriously ignored game on the dark web. It is a group that is created, into which it enters under certain conditions. I hope that with this post does not introduce unnecessary panic among parents and that I managed to explain what is being done in a phenomenon called “Blue Whale”, which is interpreted differently in the media.

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