New Spy Device – SMART TV

How did it all begin?

The first was the question of switching from standard phones to smartphones whose first iPhone was with their iOS operating system, and other Android-based devices soon followed. First, we have resisted a bit because it was simpler to use a standard phone with a keyboard, but we quickly realized that for the great benefit that smartphone technology brings to us, we have decided to use them.

The same thing happens with TVs. Just as we began to accept the replacement of our old TVs with CRT with the newer generation of thin LCD screens and later more advanced versions of the full HD display with a full HD resolution when it comes to a new SMART television. Of course, this will be the same as with a standard smartphone so we will be skeptical at first and slowly because of the pressure of the manufacturers who, because of the new functionality, will decide to use smart (SMART). ) TV with standard stuff, offers many new features over the Internet and the widest possible features of your TV and tablet in one device that will allow you to get them on a large screen with high resolution and larger diagonals.

Why is the SMART TV ideal for spying?

The first obvious thing is that this is a device that is ideally located in the center of our living room where we spend the most time we are at home. The other thing is that the SMART TV is equipped with a camera and a microphone, as well as internal memory that can be used to track everything we do, watch and talk. Third, and no less important, SMART TV is such a device that, as opposed to a PC, has much less technical security-related support. This is due to the fact that manufacturers develop their own internal operating systems, which are not all uniform, and have no rules for updating TV software and some security settings.

Who and how can he spy on us?

Rafael Scheel, a security advisor at Oneconsult AG, has successfully demonstrated that with the help of an inexpensive transmitter can send a fake TV signal that can be used to hacking for Samsung SMART TV. After that, the television can be used to spy without problems, and the user is not even aware of it. According to some research, over 90% of devices sold during the last year can be hacked with fake TV signals without the need for physical access to the device itself. Another interesting thing that has come to light in the public thanks to WikiLeaks is that the CIA can spy Samsung TV that is connected to the Internet using its toolkit developed for this purpose. It uses a fake Fake Model that simulates that the TV is turned off while still providing enough spy power even though the light switches to the status of a blue light signaling that the TV is turned off.

Another interesting article relates to Vizio company that began to follow user habits without their knowledge. In this way, they have come up with information on what users are watching on their TVs in any part of the day. While no identifying user data is found here, however, it is a trustworthy data that can be used and sold for different types of targeted advertising marketing, so the company is ordered to delete all data that is collected permanently.

What else besides spying?

If you thought that SMART TV is just a TV and there is no threat associated with ransomware and other types of malicious software that bother you on computers and tablets, you’re cheating on. For the past year, Symantec researchers have tested the ability to install ransomware on SMART TVs with an Android operating system. Since then, the first real hacking of the LG LG SMART TV has gone a little over a couple of years. Soon the first Cyber. Police of Ransomware appeared, also known as FLocker, Frantic Locker or Dogspectus. Television was infected by installing an unknown application that later blocked access to television and demanded a $ 500 purchase, while LG for technical assistance from the service center sought $ 340.

How can we protect ourselves?

The only way to protect it is to make sure that our SMART TV launches the latest version of the developed software manufacturer. It’s a good idea to have the auto-update feature included in the settings so you do not have to worry about this. Manufacturers occasionally make newer corrected software when they detect a malfunction, although there are also cases where manufacturers do not want to confirm certain claims that their device can be used for spying, though it is obvious that it is. Another thing we can do is to disconnect the power from the device to make sure it is not in a hidden mode, but the question is how good it is for the life of the device itself.

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