How To Invest In Yourself On The Web? Be Careful and Quick

What does it take to get a good reputation on the web? If you would like to know anything about this topic please continue reading this blog post.

Once you’ve ‘searched on google’ and see that there are no search results for you, it’s time to start creating content, and in order to create one, you need to have a good foundation in the form of websites that you control (basic – posting, editing and deleting content) ). There has always been and always will be negative content that you won’t be able to remove, however much you want it to be, and that’s why you need to turn to what you can do, which is to give search engines what they like best – lots of new and quality content.

If you have not encountered negative content related to your name so far, you are in the best position to prepare for it. It’s not a question of if someone will try to compromise your online reputation, but of when they will!

Often when I talk to people about this topic I hear comments like ” I’m not going to do those pages and profiles“. I do not like everyone reading what I write and I will not brag. ‘While forgetting that they allow someone else to take a picture of them.

If you think that way too, now would be a good time to stop. The options below offer you the opportunity to present facts and your own opinion just as you do in real life when recounting someone’s CV or commenting on today’s news. You decide what to say and where to say.

Personal websites

This is something you can do for yourself. Investing in a future that is sure to pay off. is the address that will rank first in the search results for your name, which is what you want. As for the visual identity as well as the content of the page, this is up to you to decide. Let your personal web site be the starting and finishing place for all other online activities. You can read more about this in the post “Why is it important for you to have a personal domain? Online Presence, Future, Investing or Something Else?


Start a blog, actively create content, and enjoy the search results of your name in a way that you have never had the chance to. and are a combination that is sure to deliver results. Post a few blog posts and wait for the magic. In a few days, you will witness a new image of the first page of search engine results when it comes to your first and last name. I will not advise you here to stick to just one topic that you will be writing about, because that limits you at the outset. Unleash your creative potential and write about all that interests you, making you happy and eager to share the same with others.

Audio, photo and video sharing services

YouTube, Flickr, and SoundCloud are the best choices at the moment. A great complement to basic content such as text. It is important that you have an account with a service account of this type and be prepared to post content to the service if and when the need arises. The tone and color of voice, movements, body language, video finishing, music background, etc. will tell you much more than you can imagine. Unleash your own creativity. In addition to marketing your own audio, photo and video content, you can also create several playlists that will provide visitors with interesting content about specific topics in an easy way.

Services for creating free web pages

I often mention Google so I have to mention the possibility of creating free websites through Google Sites. will help you complete the first search results page with your own content. You can fill these sites with the same type of content as personal web pages at, or you can create a place to express yourself in a different way.

Social networks

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can do a lot for you. These are social networks that, along with content placement, will offer you plenty of quality people to connect with and socialize with. It is important to note here that you should use your real name instead of an alias as your alias will not be useful. Each of the aforementioned social networks offers specific privacy settings, which you should definitely study in detail so as not to put yourself in an awkward position.

I could go on to list many other options, but there is no need to do so because I believe you have figured out which direction to go. The above five options give you a great foundation for all your online activities. Make the best of each.

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