How Can Use Your Computer for Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining

In recent times, the topic of crypto value and especially bitcoin has exponentially increased. The reason for this is the enormous bitcoin jump that at the moment of writing this text amounts to somewhat less than $ 12,000 for one bitcoin with a tendency of further growth. And that’s not all, except Bitcoin, there has been a steady rise in the price of Ethereum and Litecoin’s crypto value. This alone raises the question of all kinds of manipulations associated with these and similar crypto value.

This post I wanted to dedicate to this topic and to warn the wider community with dangers.

What has changed

Earlier, the primary target of cybercrime was a user computer with the intent to steal some data or turn it into a zombie computer that is part of a large botnet of infected computers that can be used for DDOS attacks or sending SPAM messages. By developing the popularity of cryptocurrencies, cyber hackers came up with the idea of using a computer of internet users for a completely different purpose. The user’s computer means its central processor (CPU) is used for something known as a “mining” process. Resolution of a cryptographic algorithm used to generate new bitcoins.

How it all works

The basic idea is that a large number of web sites are infected with malware targeting “miners”. When computer counts begin to miners and generate the benefit of the hacker who made that malware. That is already done in a blog at a famous site in Sucura, where it is said that over 5,500 websites are infected with malware that has been used for the “mining” of a crypto value known as Monero. However, this is not the worst case, in Malwarebytes research, we can read that even after closing the web site the “mining” process continues. Another thing that is very interesting is TrendMicro’s research where it can be read that not only the computer targets of such attacks. There are also Android devices in this case that are Google Play applications that use JavaScript to use a smart smartphone or tablet CPU.

What’s behind this

The company that made the code executed on user searchers without the user’s warning and knowledge is CoinHive. A large number of sites did not warn users, this is especially present on torrent sites. Some websites such as the PassThePopcorn torrent site have announced that they will start using this Monero Crusher Mining Technique as a way to fund the work of the site itself.

How to prevent code execution

There are several ways to prevent the execution of such codes on your devices. For example, for Google Chrome there are two exceptionally popular extensions for this purpose: NoCoin and minor block. You need to look for a solution for your search engine or device using the CoinHive javascript code stop. In its new version, Opera is the first search engine with built-in protection.

What else, where are we going?

Cybercriminals have realized that they are more likely to attack and use large CPUs that have the exceptionally high processing power, instead of ordinary home and laptop computers, Reuters reported that an attack on a Russian computer that is used for the pipeline and is not so known as bitcoins are generated on its processor.

I hope I have managed to reach out to the wider audience to the latest trend that will be increasingly abused in the coming period.

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