Every Person Who has Ever Achieved Something Significant has Encountered Obstacles

Today I decided to write a post about people who have achieved something in their lives but their path has not been easy. The road is very difficult to reach and there are many obstacles. You can learn a lot about these people by listening to them comment on the success of another person or even more by reading ‘anonymous’ comments on your favorite web portal. Someone has started a business or caught up with startup hype and is doing well, while others have been traveling the world for months or even years, attracting sponsors and offering their life journey to all of us for insight. Then the “So how about it?” I’m honest, but I don’t have anything. How did he manage and I didn’t? ”A thinking that can only be justified by his own failure.

Justifications of the type: “Yes, but I have ______ and I have to worry about _____. Who gives him money for _____? It’s easy. ______ depend on me and I can’t afford it. I don’t have time because of ______. “Are just part of what can be heard and read.

One very important thing is often forgotten, which is that none of us are immune to the obstacles, problems, and limitations we all have. We all go through difficult times and think that nothing else makes sense except jumping headfirst into an empty pool. The road to success is not straight and it is very difficult when you get lost along the way. And it is these difficulties that make us a stable person and build character. Every person who has ever achieved something significant, special and worthy of attention has had obstacles and problems, had people around whom depend on it, had 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, often lack of sleep and surplus incidental liabilities that must be addressed. Musicians, athletes, mathematicians, … whoever they were and whatever they were doing, they had obstacles and problems in achieving their goal.

Resistance creates strength, and in the way of realizing one’s desires, goals, plans, it is inevitable to encounter resistance. The body, muscles, and brain do not want resistance. So it takes the willpower to want to consciously indulge in something where your whole being will scream that it doesn’t want to while providing hundreds of reasons to quit. Muscles hate exercise, but they adapt to it.

When you know what you want and at least roughly where you want to be, things just happen. When you live what you want and the way you want, there are people who recognize it and want to be a part of that journey and your experience. Then come business partners, quality employees, sponsors and more.

Ambition is often driven by fear. Some people will be paralyzed by this fear, and others will have an additional motive to do their best. And often the best results come from that fear. Jump into the unknown so what happens. You get along and learn along the way. You become super motivated because you don’t want to ever feel that paralyzing fear again. You do your best. Many will not see your fight but will see the end result and think that it is easy to beat yourself.
A person is successful when he/she is happy, satisfied and filled with what he or she does and when he/she knows what he/she wants and goes accordingly. When finds meaning, she does what she loves and enjoys it. For someone it will be entrepreneurship, for someone it will be art, singing, playing, and someone will travel the world for years and be satisfied with a roof over their head and two meals a day.

“Don’t judge anyone until you’ve walked in his shoes for at least an hour.”

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