Do you know where you are Registered? Traces of your Digital Identity

Today’s topic is very interesting and a lot of people don’t even think about it. How many websites have you registered with so far? And do you remember which pages you registered with? Do you need to remove an account from websites you no longer use?

Below you can read briefly about this topic

Today, with Web 2.0 (3.0 !?) and social networks, you are encountering several dozen websites that require you to sign up for them, and it has never been easier to sign up for several hundred websites over time. , you forget about them over time, and they remind you of that at an awkward moment.

For this reason, it is advisable to keep a record of all the registrations you make on a daily basis.

Write down information such as the URL, username and password, the email address used to register, the date and time of registration.

This way you are always up to date with your digital footprints and can better manage your digital identity.

Also, you reduce the possibility that you might accidentally run into a long-registered profile, or worse, have someone else bump into your registered profile that you forgot and no longer want to exist.

Occasionally, you may go through a list that you have diligently compiled and revise your registration so far, by removing profiles from those sites where you no longer wish to participate. Do not immediately cross-links to these pages from the list, but leave them for a while so that you can check and confirm that the profile has indeed been removed.

If there is no option on your website or web service to remove your profile yourself, contact Customer Support enough to request the removal of the profile. In many cases, you will be met.


“We can certainly help you in deleting your user account if you could reply to this email from your registered email address in our database. This step is to make sure that we are getting the account deletion request from the right person. Please also provide us with the account usernames that need to be deleted. It would also be helpful for us if you could provide the reason (s) for deleting your account. “,

“Thanks for your confirmation and also providing us with the reason for the deletion account. Your account ‘XYZ’ has been marked for deletion from our servers. It will be deleted during our next scheduled maintenance. “

There will also be profiles that you will not be able to remove on your own, however, in such cases, it may happen that the website in question simply ceases to function and you can receive an e-mail of similar content and then you are ready to delete the URL of that page in your list. ”Your account will be deleted along with all your recordings, friends, subscribers and other status information. This is the last and final notice. “

Have you kept a record of the web sites you are registered with so far?

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