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Name: Alen IBRIC
Profession : Computer Engineer
Email: alen_ibric[at]hotmail.com

Hi, my name is Alen Ibric and I’m a Bosnian/Turk computer engineer, married, proud dad of two beautiful daughters, entrepreneur, angel investor, geek, maker movement enthusiast and passionate for technology.. Today, I’m the Senior Computer Enginer in Bilkent University – Turkey

If you’re interested, read below to learn a bit more about me.

I was born on June 20t, 1978 in Travnik, a city of Bosnia and Herzegovina state in the heart of BiH. There I spend my childhood between my family, my friends, going to the farm and playing around with everything I could disassemble. At eight I had my first contacts with computers (Commadore 64) and taught myself to write my first programs in Basic and Assembly in my first computer. At that time, computers took a big place in my life.

Later, in 1998 I was admitted to the Computer Engineering School of the State University of Konya (SELCUK UNIVERSITY TURKEY). Those were great and fortunate times, and I could witness the birth of the web and had the opportunity to start working with it in its very early days. During college I developed several scientific initiation research programs on the fields of distributed systems and high performance computing. In 2002 I graduated as a Computer Engineer and started to study for my master’s degree.

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